Cornwell Dauds holds qualifications in law, tax, finance and accounting. He is a member of the Johannesburg Bar where he practises as an advocate. He was educated in South Africa and pursued postgraduate studies at Harvard Law School in the USA and London School of Economics in the UK. Dauds underwent intensive professional training in the art and skills of trial advocacy in the USA. His tax experience includes being a director at the South African Revenue Service (SARS), a tax practitioner at a law firm and a senior corporate tax manager at an audit firm. Dauds has written extensively in his fields of interest, which include competition law, tax law, financial derivatives and financial regulation. He has published a book titled “Dauds on Competition Law: Substantive Issues” which seeks to integrate economic theory into competition policy and regulation for a better understanding of competition law. Dauds holds the BA LLB, BCom (Honours), PG Advanced Taxation Certificate, International Tax Program (ITP)(Harvard), PG Diploma in Finance (Leicester), LLM (Harvard), MSc (Law & Accounting)(London School of Economics).
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