Bruce Leech was admitted to the Johannesburg Society of Advocates in December 1993 and
took silk in October 2010. His preferred areas of practice include administrative, arbitration,
healthcare regulation, construction, and constitutional law.
Bruce has appeared in various courts throughout South Africa, including the Constitutional
Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal, as well as various other courts and statutory
tribunals. He also appears regularly before dispute adjudication boards and arbitration
tribunals, especially in the area of commercial and construction disputes.
Bruce has, for more than two decades, been a Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators and
frequently sits as an arbitrator and as an adjudicator. He has sat as an arbitrator or
adjudicator or independent expert in excess of 100 disputes, a number of which have been
international disputes. He has a thorough working knowledge of the major standard form
construction contracts, including NEC, FIDIC, and JBCC. He is also familiar with the rules of
the local and international arbitration bodies, including the Association of Arbitrators, AFSA,
the ICC, and the UNCITRAL provisions.
He holds BA and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and a
Higher Diploma in Arbitration.